Why Should I Get An Eyelid Lift?

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Why Should I Get An Eyelid Lift?

It’s no surprise that as we age, our facial features can begin to show our years. The eyelids are often a forgotten feature, as patients tend to focus on improving their forehead, cheeks and areas around the mouth. The eyelids are actually one of the most used, muscle driven facial features, and thus can start to show signs of aging earlier than other areas of the face. An eyelid lift, also known as blepharoplasty, can help correct these symptoms, and provide patients with a more refreshed and youthful appearance.

Who Is A Candidate?

When considering an eyelid lift, it’s important to first determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure. Patients who have drooping of the upper eyelid, fatty deposits underneath their eyes, or those who have trouble seeing due to sagging skin around their eyes, are all ideal candidates for the procedure. Patients should also be non-smokers, and have realistic expectations for the outcome of their procedure.

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What Are the Benefits?

During an eyelid lift, the plastic surgeon will make incisions within the lash line to minimize any surgical scarring. They will then remove any excess fat around the eyes and trim excess skin, closing the incisions once these gentle adjustments are made. The results are a more natural and youthful position of the eyelids. The procedure has a very high patient satisfaction rate due to the natural and long lasting results, which may be noticeable for up to ten years.

Is There Any Downtime?

Although patients may return home the same day as their procedure, they may be required to wear a bandage around their eyes, and should apply a cool compress for a few days following the procedure. Patients should make a full recovery within 10 days, barring no complications, and results will be noticeable within 3-4 months of the procedure. Patients should also be mindful about sun protection, and wear protective glasses when venturing outside during the recovery process.

Take the Next Step

To schedule your consultation and find out if an eyelid light might be right for you, call us at 843-839-2004 or fill out our contact form. Nirvana Plastic Surgery is located in Myrtle Beach, SC and serves the eastern South Carolina area.

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