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How Can I Restore Volume to My Cheeks?

Have you noticed that you’ve begun losing volume in your cheek areas? Want to smooth away deep cheek wrinkles while increasing youth-enhancing cheek volume? If that’s the case, you may be a good candidate for a Restylane injection, which is one of the best ways to restore volume to your cheeks. Read on to learn more about how Restylane works, including what you can expect from this cheek-enhancing procedure! Restylane Injections for Youthful Cheeks? Restylane is an FDA-approved injection that uses a special hyaluronic acid gel to add volume to the hollows of the cheeks. Once this HA gel is injected into the subdermal layer, it acts as scaffolding to temporarily lift the skin. As this happens, deep depresses and wrinkles are lifted and smoothed out, resulting in younger-looking skin. Restylane injections are ideal for candidates who have noticed that they’re losing cheek volume and want to replace it. Restylane injections are primarily used for cheeks, but they can also be used to treat deep folds between the nose and mouth, as well as add volume to the hands. Restylane Consultation Available Request A Consultation What to Expect During Your Restylane Procedure Interested in experiencing Restylane for yourself? Right before your Restylane injection, we’ll [...]

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