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How Long Do Results From Fillers Last?

Let’s face it: You’re intrigued by dermal fillers. From creating plumper, Insta-ready pouts to unveiling beautiful cheek apples, you’re pretty sure that dermal fillers can do it all. That’s why you’re considering experiencing dermal fillers for yourself, but there’s just one thing holding you back… How long do results from fillers last? Duration of Dermal Fillers Results Good news: Depending on the dermal filler you choose for your treatment, your results can last anywhere from six months to two years. While each patient reacts differently to dermal fillers (thus making it difficult to promote certain outcomes), most people see pretty lengthy results from their dermal filler treatments. Here’s why: Dermal fillers contain a hyaluronic acid gel, a natural compound that’s renowned for providing instant lift under the dermis, all while increasing organic collagen production. The end result is both an almost-immediate fix to wrinkles and fine lines, with a long-term emphasis on creating smoother and more resilient skin. Your Dermal Filler Treatment Makes All the Difference Not all dermal fillers are designed to last for up to two years. In fact, the type of dermal filler you select for your treatment will influence just how long your results will stick around. On one hand, you’ll see longer-lasting results with a dermal filler for your cheeks, as this specific product contains a thicker hyaluronic acid gel than [...]

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