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Can I Swap Out My Older Breast Implants?

Pop quiz: Did you know it’s possible to swap out your older breast implants? Breast implant replacement surgery can help you trade in your older implants for newer versions or, in some cases, completely different implants altogether. Check out how implant replacement works and other things you should consider before your implant replacement. How Implant Replacement Works Implant replacement surgery is performed in a similar manner to breast augmentation surgery; however, the main goal of the procedure is to take out the older implant and replace it with a new one. The incisions are usually made in the same areas as the older ones, i.e. underneath the curve of the breast, around the areola, and within the armpit. Implant replacement is an excellent choice for women who have had their implants for more than five years and are ready for a change. Some women who have capsular contracture may also benefit from implant replacement surgery. Breast Implant Replacement Consultations Available Request A Consultation Other Things to Consider Before Your Implant Replacement If you’re solely interested in swapping out your older breast implants for newer ones, great! However, implant replacement provides you with the perfect opportunity to think more about your implants, including if you’re still [...]

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