How is a Butt Lift Done?

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How is a Butt Lift Done?

Are you interested in undergoing a Brazilian butt lift, but not sure how the procedure itself is done? Take a look!

Brazilian Butt Lift Myrtle Beach

How is a Brazilian Butt Lift Done?

A Brazilian butt lift is performed in two different stages:

  • During the first stage, your plastic surgeon will identify areas that can be used to harvest fat for the Brazilian butt lift (usually the abdomen or thighs). Liposuction techniques will be used to harvest the fat; once it has been collected, the fat will be cleansed and prepared for injection.
  • During the second stage, the cleansed fat will be injected into key areas of the buttocks. Each Brazilian butt lift is tailored to the patient’s specific needs, so no two injections are exactly alike.

The Brazilian butt lift doesn’t involve silicone implants, which means there’s no chance of experiencing adverse or allergic reactions. Additionally, the results of a Brazilian butt lift feel more natural, so no one will guess at your secret.

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Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery and Results

If you’re ready to undergo a Brazilian butt lift, here’s what to expect from your recovery and when you can expect to see results:

  • You shouldn’t sit or lie on your back for about two weeks after your Brazilian butt lift. Putting pressure on your backside can cause the newly injected fat to spread before it has settled, which can influence your results.
  • Avoid working out for two weeks, as the heat from strenuous activity can cause the fat to spread.
  • Make sure to follow your plastic surgeon’s recovery recommendations!

If you follow your recovery plan, you should expect to see the final results from your treatment about four to eight weeks. This is when all the swelling should be gone and the fat has settled into their new position.

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