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What is the Recovery Time for a Tummy Tuck?

Interested in undergoing a tummy tuck surgery - but nervous you’ll have to take too much time to recover? Take a look at the recovery time for a tummy tuck, including tips on how to fully heal from your surgery. *Individual results may vary What is the Recovery Time for a Tummy Tuck? While each person is different, most patients can expect to spend about four to six weeks recovering from their tummy tuck surgery, with final results visible about six months after the initial procedure. Here’s why: a tummy tuck is a major abdominal surgery. During the first week alone, you’ll spend a lot of time resting and recovering; in fact, we discourage lots of movement during these pivotal first few days. You’ll also be restricted from lifting anything heavy from off of the ground, so we encourage you to get childcare in place if you have young children at home. After the first week, you may be cleared to return to work (it could take up to two weeks if you work in a more manual field). Your recovery will continue until about four to six weeks later, when you may be cleared to return back to your normal workout regimen. Tummy Tuck Consultations Available Request A Consultation How to Improve [...]

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What Are My Options for Reducing Extra Skin and Fat?

Are you frustrated by extra skin and fat around your waistline? Maybe you’ve recently given birth and your stomach hasn’t returned back to where it used to be. Or perhaps you’ve lost a significant amount of weight but you’ve noticed some extra skin on your hips and tummy. No matter what the reason why, you can’t help but ponder this question: “What are my options for reducing extra skin and fat?” Abdominoplasty for Reducing Extra Skin If you have a stubborn stomach pooch from previous pregnancies or just from getting older, you may be a good candidate for abdominoplasty. This surgical procedure - also referred to as a tummy tuck - repairs abdominal walls that may have been damaged by pregnancy, injury, or aging. The abs are reattached and aligned in a flatter position, which helps eliminate that tummy pooch. Liposuction for Reducing Extra Fat If you have extra fat that won’t respond to diet and exercise, you may be a good candidate for liposuction surgery. This procedure manually removes fat via a small cannula, thus allowing for precise body contouring. The best candidates for liposuction surgery are individuals who already follow a healthy lifestyle and are within 15 to 30 pounds of their ideal weight. VIEW MORE PATIENT RESULTS Can You Combine Them Both? Yes! Liposuction and abdominoplasty procedures are often combined with excellent results. For [...]

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What Happens During an Abdominoplasty?

A slimmer midsection is a common goal of many plastic surgery patients. An abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck, is a surgical procedure that can help patients improve their midsection by removing excess fat and sagging skin. The best way to determine candidacy for the procedure is through an initial consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon, but before doing so it’s important to understand how an abdominoplasty is performed. How Does It Work? A full abdominoplasty is performed while the patient is under general anesthesia. The plastic surgeon will make an incision between the pubic hairline and the belly button, and then adjust the abdominal skin and muscle as needed. Occasionally, liposuction will also be used to remove excess fat. The surgeon will then close the incisions, the results are a flatter, slimming looking stomach. When Will I See Results? Following a tummy tuck procedure, patients should plan to rest for at least 1-2 weeks, and should avoid bending over or lifting heavy objects. Patients are typically able to return to work after 1 week, and can resume normal daily activities after 4-6 weeks. Results will be fully noticeable 6 weeks following surgery, as the post-surgery swelling and bruising will have diminished. Patients will notice a flatter, more contoured stomach area, particularly in the months following treatment. View Our Gallery Am I A Candidate? Ideal candidates for abdominoplasty typically have excess stomach skin or fat that will [...]

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