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Neck Lift vs. Ultherapy: How Will They Make My Neck Look Better?

You consider yourself pretty good at keeping your face moisturized and treated with the best anti-aging skincare products available. You certainly won’t let wrinkles and fine lines sneak up on you – and your diligence means you’ll always be ready for your next selfie. But have you been giving your neck the same care and attention? Why Your Neck Needs Some Love As it turns out, many of us tend to neglect our necks – and that’s not a great thing. Neck skin is particularly delicate, meaning it’s vulnerable to showing wrinkles and fine lines. Additionally, when facial fat pads begin to break down and drift south, they often end up appearing around the jawline and neck in the form of jowls. View Our Neck Lift Gallery Ultherapy v. Neck Lift for Aging Necks That’s why, at Nirvana Plastic Surgery, we offer two treatment options designed to target aging neck symptoms: Ultherapy and neck lift surgery. Each procedure is designed to target loose neck skin and wrinkles, but they’re designed for very specific patients. Ultherapy & Neck Lift Consultations Available Request A Consultation Wondering which one will help your neck look better? Ultherapy uses ultrasound energy to non-invasively tighten and tone neck skin, making it an excellent solution for patients who have mild-to-moderate skin laxity issues. A neck lift [...]

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