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Will Dermaplaning Hurt My Skin?

Admit it: You’re curious about all the hype that dermaplaning has been getting. This non-surgical treatment - which uses a scalpel to gently scrape away dead skin cells from the skin’s surface - is one of our most popular exfoliating treatments. But sometimes when patients hear that the procedure uses a scalpel, they ask: “Will dermaplaning hurt my skin?” Will Dermaplaning Hurt My Skin? Dermaplaning won’t hurt your skin; in fact, many patients have remarked that dermaplaning can feel relaxing. The sensation of dermaplaning is akin to lightly scratching your fingernail across the surface of your skin. If you do feel any pain during your dermaplaning treatment, be sure to immediately let your esthetician know! Are There Any Side Effects from Dermaplaning? There are minimal side effects associated with dermaplaning; mostly, you can expect your skin to appear slightly red for a few hours. It may also feel a little itchy, but that should fade within hours as well. Dermaplaning is safe and doesn’t use any chemicals, so pregnant and breastfeeding mothers can enjoy this treatment. Dermaplaning Consultations Available Request A Consultation What Can I Expect After My Dermaplaning Treatment? Are you ready to experience a smoother, more radiant complexion? [...]

Botox vs. Dysport: Which One Fights Wrinkles Better?

When it comes to fighting wrinkles, there seem to be a lot of options available out there - and two of the most popular happen to be Botox and Dysport. Both of these anti-aging injections promise to minimize wrinkles and fine lines, especially those on the forehead and around eyes. But when it comes down to it, which one fights wrinkles better: Botox or Dysport? Which One Works Better: Botox or Dysport? The key to knowing if Botox or Dysport is better for you involves understanding your specific goals, as well as what your budget might be. To help you make the decision, here are a few questions you may want to ask yourself: Do you want to see results sooner? Botox often takes anywhere from one to two weeks to display results, while some studies have shown that Dysport presents noticeable changes sooner. How long do you want your results to last? This is where things can get a little tricky because ultimately, both injections last about three to five months. What area are you looking to treat? If you want to get rid of frown lines and forehead wrinkles, some research has shown that Botox still remains king of erasing forehead lines. However, Dysport has consistently been shown to get rid of crow’s feet better than Botox. What’s your budget? Dysport is generally [...]

How Can I Reverse Sun-Damaged Skin?

When you look at your facial complexion, do you see dark freckles, sun spots, and other hyperpigmentation? If so, you may be dealing with sun-damaged skin. Over time, sun damage can really add up - and before you know it, those pesky spots start to mar your otherwise spotless complexion. So how can you reverse sun-damaged skin? Reverse Sun-Damaged Skin with the NanoPeel The NanoPeel is an excellent choice for reversing sun-damaged skin because it’s designed to clear away older skin without the need for extensive recovery. The NanoPeel gently sloughs away the top skin layer, leaving behind a glowing and radiant complexion. Regular NanoPeel sessions can help minimize even the darkest sunspot, which can help you feel more confident about how your skin looks without makeup. NanoPeel Consultations Available Request A Consultation Enjoy Your Best Skin Ever Once you’ve experienced the power of the NanoPeel for yourself, it’s safe to say you’ll probably become obsessed with your skin. That’s why we recommend the following steps to take care of your newly revealed glow: Wear sunscreen whenever possible, even if you’re sitting indoors. The sun’s harmful rays can be particularly harsh on your new skin, so it’s important to keep it as protected as possible. We recommend incorporating an [...]

What is the Recovery Time for a Brow Lift?

You’re definitely interested in undergoing a brow lift. After all, there’s something pretty enticing about a plastic surgery procedure that could help address sagging eyebrows and drooping eyelids. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the surgery could take years off of your appearance. But there’s just one question holding you back from saying yes to the procedure: “What is the recovery time for a brow lift?” Recovery Time for a Brow Lift We understand. After all, you might not several weeks to devote to recovering, especially if you’d have to take that time off from work, raising your family, or both. That’s why patients are surprised to hear that the majority of them are able to return to work in as little as five days after surgery. Additionally, most patients are able to go back to their normal routines (including gym routines) about four weeks after the initial surgery. Not bad for a plastic surgery procedure that promises to make you look bright-eyed, alert, and a lot more youthful! Brow Lift Consultations Available Request A Consultation How to Have a Successful Brow Lift RecoveryIf you’re planning to undergo a brow lift, here’s how to have the most successful recovery:Plan out your initial recovery time so [...]

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Can I Look Younger Without Surgery?

You’re on the quest to take years off of your face - but you’re not exactly ready to undergo plastic surgery. Sure, those serums and creams really haven’t been helping with those fine lines and hyperpigmentation like they claim to. But that doesn’t mean you’re ready to take the plunge to something more intense, like surgery. So that leaves you with one question: “Can I look younger without surgery?” The answer is yes - and here’s how! Photo Courtesy of Sciton *Individual results may vary* BBL: Remove Hyperpigmentation While Increasing Collagen Levels If you have uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation, then you might want to experience the power of BBL treatments. BBL stands for Broadband Light, which is a type of photo-rejuvenation procedure that directly targets darker pigments against your skin tone. That means whether you have red spots, brown spots, or just uneven skin tone, BBL can help improve your complexion. In addition to helping clear up your complexion, BBL treatments can heat up collagen production levels for long-term rejuvenation! Halo: Remove Damaged Skin While Unlocking Radiance If you have sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, large pores, skin discoloration, or any other complexion issues, you may be an excellent candidate for the Halo laser procedure. This innovative Sciton laser combines both ablative and non-ablative lasers to gently remove surface-level damage from the dermis, all while stimulating [...]

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