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How Does a NanoPeel Benefit My Skin?

Here at Nirvana Plastic Surgery, we’re proud to offer our clients a variety of laser skin resurfacing peels, including the NanoPeel. This innovative laser peel is renowned for helping patients get clearer and younger-looking skin, as well as erase signs of past sun damage and hyperpigmentation. Want to learn more about how a NanoPeel can benefit your skin? Read on! The 4 Biggest Skin Benefits of a NanoPeel 1. It’s more gentle than other laser peels. While the NanoPeel is considered to be a laser skin resurfacing treatment, it’s far less intense than other laser peels. That’s because the NanoPeel focuses on exfoliating the top layer of the dermis, where the biggest signs of sun damage and hyperpigmentation are visible. Patients remark that they feel comfortable during the procedure, and are [...]

Does a Facelift Leave Scars?

Are you interested in undergoing facelift surgery to correct wrinkles and sagging skin - but not sure if the resulting scarring would be worth it? If you’re nervous about facelift scars, you’re in luck: We’ve got the inside scoop on what to expect from your facelift surgery, including if a facelift leaves scars. View More Patient Results *Individual results may vary Does Facelift Surgery Leave Scars? The truth is that facelift surgery does leave scarring - but the scarring is hidden enough that they’re not visible to the naked eye. Here’s why: Facelift surgery incisions are typically made at key points where your plastic surgeon can access drooping facial muscles. These points are typically behind the ears and within the scalp’s hairline. This incision placement makes it possible for [...]

By | July 19th, 2019|Facelift, Neck Lift, Procedures, Surgical|

Hey, Men: Don’t Worry About Taking Off Your Shirts This Summer!

If you’re a man who is struggling with the appearance of male breasts, the summer season might make you feel more self-conscious than usual. After all, it can be tough to take off your shirt at the beach or in the backyard when you don’t have that traditionally masculine chest shape. And it can be especially frustrating if you’re doing all the right things with your diet and exercise, but you’re not seeing any results. Worry no more - with gynecomastia surgery, you won’t ever have to worry about taking off your shirt during the summer again! View More Patient Results *Individual results may vary Restore Confidence with Gynecomastia Surgery Gynecomastia surgery is a male breast reduction procedure designed to help men get rid of those dreaded “man boobs” [...]

By | July 3rd, 2019|Breast Reduction, Gynecomastia, Surgery|

How Soon Can I Hit the Beach After My Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is among the most popular cosmetic procedures in the country. Whether the patient is looking to restore their pre-baby figure, or simply wants to feel more confident about their breasts, undergoing a surgical procedure is a big decision. During an initial consultation, the plastic surgeon will walk the patient through the steps leading up to, and following the procedure. One of the most asked questions during the consultation process is how long is the recovery from a breast augmentation? What is a Breast Augmentation? A breast augmentation, also commonly known as a boob job, is a surgical procedure that enhances the size and shape of the breasts with implants. During the procedure, the plastic surgeon will make an incision around, or underneath the breast, and place the implant either above or under the pectoral muscle. [...]

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Are Breast Augmentation Results Natural-Looking?

If you’re interested in undergoing breast augmentation surgery - but not-so-interested in artificial-looking results - read on for the best advice on how to get the natural-looking breast augmentation results you want. View More Patient Results *Individual results may vary How to Get Natural-Looking Breast Augmentation Results 1. Choose the right implant. The implant can make all the difference in creating the kind of natural-looking results you want from your breast augmentation surgery. For example, teardrop-shaped implants can provide for a more natural shape, as they mimic the curve of a woman’s breast. Silicone implants could be ideal for women who want a more natural feel from their results. Your plastic surgeon can help you choose the right implant based on your desired goals. 2. Be explicit with [...]

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Do Results of a Double Chin Reduction Last?

You’re definitely interested in seeking out treatment for your double chin - but only if those results last. After all, what’s the point of going through the treatment if your results won’t last for very long? We hear you. That’s why we’re exploring our patients’ top questions about how long the results of a double chin reduction can last. Kybella for Double Chin Reduction Kybella is an excellent option for patients who have a double chin or excess fat around the jawline and neck. Kybella works by using deoxycholic acid to eat away at fat cells, all while leaving surrounding tissue healthy. Once the fat cells are damaged, the body’s metabolic system flushes them away, leaving behind a more contoured appearance. Kybella is a highly effective and [...]

By | June 14th, 2019|Double Chin, Injectables, Kybella|

How Can I Get Rid of My Muffin Top?

No one wants to deal with a “muffin top” - that stubborn fat that tends to stick around the waistline, just above where your pants sit. A muffin top can appear for a variety of reasons (diet, genetics, lifestyle), but no matter why you have a muffin top, there’s just one question on your mind: “How can I get rid of my muffin top?” View More Patient Results *Individual results may vary Liposuction for Abdominal Fat Traditional liposuction is still one of the best ways to get rid of the abdominal fat that causes a muffin top. Here’s why: Liposuction can remove more fat faster, and with more control over the results. The surgery can be extremely detailed and targeted, so you’re more likely to get the [...]

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Will Dermaplaning Hurt My Skin?

Admit it: You’re curious about all the hype that dermaplaning has been getting. This non-surgical treatment - which uses a scalpel to gently scrape away dead skin cells from the skin’s surface - is one of our most popular exfoliating treatments. But sometimes when patients hear that the procedure uses a scalpel, they ask: “Will dermaplaning hurt my skin?” Will Dermaplaning Hurt My Skin? Dermaplaning won’t hurt your skin; in fact, many patients have remarked that dermaplaning can feel relaxing. The sensation of dermaplaning is akin to lightly scratching your fingernail across the surface of your skin. If you do feel any pain during your dermaplaning treatment, be sure to immediately let your esthetician know! Are There Any [...]

Botox vs. Dysport: Which One Fights Wrinkles Better?

When it comes to fighting wrinkles, there seem to be a lot of options available out there - and two of the most popular happen to be Botox and Dysport. Both of these anti-aging injections promise to minimize wrinkles and fine lines, especially those on the forehead and around eyes. But when it comes down to it, which one fights wrinkles better: Botox or Dysport? Which One Works Better: Botox or Dysport? The key to knowing if Botox or Dysport is better for you involves understanding your specific goals, as well as what your budget might be. To help you make the decision, here are a few questions you may want to ask yourself: Do you want to see results sooner? Botox often takes anywhere [...]

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5 Ways to Know If You’re a Candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift

Are you interested in undergoing a Brazilian butt lift, but not sure if you’d make a good candidate? Wonder no more: We’ve broken down the 5 ways to know if you’re a candidate for a Brazilian butt lift! 1. You have enough body fat. One of the most crucial elements of being a Brazilian butt lift candidate is to have enough fat that can be harvested and transferred to your backside. If you don’t have enough body fat on areas like your stomach or thighs, you may not be a candidate for this particular procedure. 2. You want to boost your backside. A Brazilian butt lift is ideal for patients who have flatter or less curvaceous bottoms than they’d like, and they [...]

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